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The experience was truly transformative because what I learned from Kristi is that in addition to all of the necessary technical skills, photography is really about feeling rather than seeing.  
- Terri B (Kenya, Private Mentoring)
From a personal standpoint, you are a great, caring, and wonderful person. You not only care not only about the Conservation of these wonderful places and animals, you care deeply about each person that is along with you on these journeys. 
Thank you for providing these wonderful opportunities to be able to photograph in such amazing places. 
-Jeff V (Kenya, Alaska)
I so enjoyed our trip and time together in Alaska!!! Epic! Amazing! Magnificent!
-Jane T (Alaska)
I don't know where to start.  I have been on trips where the scenery and animals have been great, including our bear trip.  I have never been on one where everyone was as fantastic as this one.  Our group and everyone at the lodge were tremendous. I personally believe that it was mostly because of what a great person you are.  Good people attract good people.
-Jerry C (Alaska)
So grateful for you and feel I would not be the artist I have become if not for our time together! 
-Veronica T (Private Mentoring)
On any wildlife photo tour, the key criteria for a successful tour for me are:
1. Tour organization
2. Research and location planning
3. Tour leaders’ subject knowledge
4. Group size
Spoiler alert, this photo tour has top marks for all criteria.
-David G (Ecuador)
I wanted to thank you for an awesome time in Alaska, it was a fantastic adventure!  I followed your processing tips on the B&W. I submitted an image to the "All New England" national competition through the Cape Cod Art Center and am happy to let you know it won 1st place
-Jim W (Alaska)

I’m forever thankful for taking me along to the Alaskan wilderness. This trip will always be in my heart. 
-Bea M (Alaska)
Please put me in for the Winter Polar Bears AGAIN for 2024. I'm in for sure!
-Marianne B (Churchill 23)
The polar bear experience was phenomenal.  You guys rocked every detail of the trip.  Your combined knowledge of art, photography, and conservation is unstoppable.  I will definitely go on tour with you again!  Thanks for an amazing, life altering escape into a world that few people experience. 
Their attention to detail in making sure you're comfortable making sure you're getting your camera settings where they need to be to take epic photos you want is awesome. It's amazing at night they're checking in on you to make sure you're happy with your images. There's a lot of great conversation, the B&B that they stay at is so cozy and comfortable. The guide service they use is conservation friendly. Experts at what they do, always trying to get you in front of the bears with the best lighting etc. While respecting the distance and the bears and not disturbing them. Everything about the entire trip rocked.
-Renee R (Churchill 23)
This fly-in, fly-out Alaskan Brown Bear workshop was an amazing
and is an experience we will never forget. By far the most exciting, memorable and
productive photography
trip we’ve ever taken.
John H (Alaska)
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