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Print Sale

Buy a print, save the bees, and help restore the Amazon.  With every purchase of a print, you purchase a native beehive in that goes to a community in Bolivia.

I am holding a print sale that supports the cultivation of native bee species in Bolivia.

Indigenous and rural communities are coming together to build sustainable economies and rewild Bolivia through the restoration of land affected by deforestation and wildfires. One way to aid in these rewilding efforts is by protecting pollinators such as bees that allow new nature to grow and flourish. These stingless bees are responsible for 70% of the pollination of native plants.

Each print purchased will fund the donation of a beehive to rural and indigenous communities in Bolivia. This uplifts and strengthens communities by creating sustainable jobs that focus on the preservation of Bolivia’s rich biodiversity in vulnerable regions. 


Prints make amazing gifts for the holiday season. Whether a piece is for your own home, or that of a loved one, $30 of your purchase will be donated to this rewilding project. You also have the option of contributing by separately making a donation for the purchase of a community beehive for $30, or making a donation in a friend or family member’s name as a holiday gift.

Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 9.34.21 AM.png


Empower community members to connect to nature while earning a stable income.

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Help restore vital, biodiverse land across Bolivia by investing in the local bee population.

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