Public Speaking

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

Dec 7th: Unique Photo: NJ

Past Speaking/Workshops

  • Nature Visions: 3rd, 2019: Manassas VA, Showing Motion in a Single Frame
  • Nature Visions: Nov 1st, 2019: Manassas VA, Finding Beauty Everywhere
  • Nikon Theater: October 24th, 2019: Photoplus NY, 2019: Panel: Storytelling in Motion
  • Nikon Theater: October 26th, 2019: Photoplus NY, From Stills to Slow Motion
  • Nikon Live Unscripted with Kristi Odom
  • ClickCon: August 5th-6th: Chicago IL, Bug Walk, Weddings with Mirrorless, Showing Motion in a Single Frame
  • Lehigh Camera Club: Sept 19th, 2019, Bethlehem PA, The Passion of Wildlife Photography
  • NECCC Keynote Speaker: July 13th, 2019, UMass
  • Unique Photo: June 8th, 2019, Elevating Nature Photography
  • Nikon Theater: Feb 27th, 2019, WPPI, Las Vegas: Elevating Weddings with Mirrorless
  • Nikon Theater: January 8th, 2019, CES, Las Vegas: Showing Motion with a Single Frame 
  • Real Life Conference for Women: November 6th, Canmore Canada, Opening Speaker, The Power of the Personal Project
  • Nikon Theater: October 26th, 2018, Photoplus, Capturing the Sublime in Nature
  • Photoplus Masterclass, New York, October 26th, 2018, Advenced Camera Techniques with Kristi Odom and Darren Gustaveson
  • Nikon Theater: Feb 27th, 2018, WPPI, Wedding Storytelling: Capturing Images with Deeper Meanings
  • WPPI, Las Vegas, Feb 26th, 2018: The Power of Personal Projects
  • Nikon Theater: January 12, 2018, CES, Las Vegas: The Passion of Wildlife Photography
  • Service Photo, a Night with Nikon Ambassadors: June 7th 2018, Baltimore: The Power and Passion of Photography featuring Kristi Odom and Michael Corrado 
  • Northern Virginia Photographic Society: April 3rd 2018, Virginia, Extreme Locations, Close Calls, and Crazy Adventures: The Stories Behind the Images
  • WPPI Masterclass: February 26, 2018, Las Vegas, The Power of the Personal Project
  • NineDots: Nov 15, 2017, London UK, Emotional Explosion
  • Nikon Theater: Feb 9, 2017, WPPI, Las Vegas Shoot for Emotion: Taking Photography to Higher Emotional Levels
  • WPPI Masterclass: Feb 8, 2017, Las Vegas, The Roaming Photographer: How to Fund Your Lust for Travel
  • Masterclass in Sumatra: Feb 12-23, 2017, Sumatra, Indonesia Photographing Critically Endangered Orangutans
  • Inspire Photo Retreats: Feb 28, 2017, Rhode Island, The Power of the Personal Project
  • Northern Virginia Photographic Society: April 4th, 2017, Virginia, The Power of the Personal Project
  • Nikon Theater: March 7-8, 2016, WPPI, Las Vegas, Destination Weddings: from the Prep to the Shoot
  • WPPI Masterclass: March 9, 2016, Las Vegas, Elevate your Work to Competition Level & Profit From Your Awards
  • Fearless Conference: November 2015, It’s Personal
  • DC Capital Area Photographers: March 2015, What it Takes to Win Awards
  • Adventure Always: Oct 22, 2013, Long Beach, California, The Power of Personal Projects & Outside Influences
  • Women’s Wedding Network, January 12, 2011, Women with CourageTraveling & Living Abroad
  •, November 15, 2010, Photographer Spotlight, Kristi Odom
  • REI, 2006 Kristi Odom on Photographing Outdoors
  • Atlanta Youth Academy: March 14, 2008, Six Continents, A Girl, & A Camera
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: March 13, 2007, Women with Courage: Traveling & Living Abroad

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