Our Approach

A wedding is a day when lifelong friends and closest family members come together to celebrate love. It is such a beautiful day that involves the mixing of a million of emotions and many different personalities. Our goal is to capture as many moments as possible, especially the ones you may not see. We want to show a bride the tears on her parents’ faces while they watch her get married. We want to capture the last breath one takes before walking down the aisle. We want to show what a smile looks like during a hug. The laughter, the joy, the nervousness, and even the drunkenness are all elements of your wedding story and we aim to capture it all!

We want all our images to tell the story of your wedding day, even our detail shots.

We strive to take photos that matter.

We love incorporating your guests. Being surrounded by the ones you love is a huge part of your wedding story.

My favorite moment…. that 10 seconds after the ceremony. After you have processed and all the excitement and happiness comes out at once and you have just a few seconds of being alone, but with your new spouse. That joy! I love capturing that joy! Then the maid of honor and/or best man come running up with a smile, a high five, or a hug that is way too tight. Those are the moments I want to grab and have you keep forever.

We can’t wait to hear what you are most excited about for your wedding day and how we can capture these emotional moments for you to keep forever!