Opening this month’s Rangefinder Magazine put a huge smile on my face, I quickly ran through the pages to see the winners of the WPPI Annual Print Competition, and there was my name. WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) holds one of the world’s biggest photography conferences that brings together over 13,000 photographers from all over the world. It also hosts the Awards of Excellence 16×20 Print Competition. This annual print competition brings in entries for all over the world and is known as one of the most prestigious photography competitions because it really celebrates mastery of the craft of photography.

This recent WPPI was huge for me. Not only did I get to speak 4 times (and 2 of those on Nikon’s stage), but I came home with an award, an award that I never thought I would receive. I have attended that award ceremony for 5 years, and never thought my name would be called.

I went to Ga Tech for Electrical Engineering, and I love being overwhelmed by technology. When I first saw Fundy software, the inner geek in me smiled. It was software that you could design albums in minutes. Drag images to a layout, toggle your design until it is perfect, then click send to printer. An album in minutes. With my love for shooting, hours of designing behind a computer, just took me away from that, so this software definitely had my interest.

Andrew Funderburg (founder of Fundy Designer) has become a close personal friend and last year he encouraged me to make an album for me… of my personal work. He is a big fan of the printed product. Let’s face it, a photograph isn’t complete until it is printed, before then, it is just digital data. Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about my nature work. Fundy pushed me to put it together in an album. When running your own company, sometimes we don’t have the time to make work for ourselves. I got on his software and literally spent 10 minutes putting an album together, which was really all the time I had to do a project for myself.

The album was so much fun to design, I have never paired my nature pictures and watched them read off one another. I got the album in the mail (a huge brown leather bound book from Renaissance Albums) and got chills.


When WPPI came around I decided to submit the album. At the award ceremony, it was my name that was called, I was so honored. I would have never had this moment, if it wasn’t for my friend Andrew and his amazing software.

Fundy Designer keeps taking steps forward, and just last week, they released an update. The geek in me was definitely excited when I got to test the new software…you can link images, pair them, select dominant pics… and then hit design, and done. So impressed. Congrats guys for this amazing product (and it’s upgrade), and thank you for letting me geek out, and for inspiring photographers all over this planet! A giant thank you to Fundy for encouraging me to make a book of my personal work (and for giving me the tools to do so). I love my book, which now sits next to it’s crystal trophy.

Here is a link to my first place album, so excited to share!

Make sure and check Fundy Designer out here.

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