The world is full of perfect moments and beautiful creatures, and I love nothing more than capturing them on camera. Everywhere I look, I find people and animals whose stories are worth sharing and whose experiences deserve to be documented. Whether I am shooting a wedding in Thailand or an animal conservation project in Bolivia, I come ready to see what is unique and precious about every living being.

I am most at home while traveling and being in nature. I’ve lived in big cities, from Atlanta to Sydney, to my current home in Washington D.C. and I’ve photographed weddings and portraits all over the world. I’ve had the opportunity to witness countless important emotions and hundreds of sacred rituals from the commonly known to the wildly exotic. I live for those moments when time just stops, everything disappears, and all that is left is pure beauty.

2018 marks the year that I joined the elite Nikon Ambassador program.  I have spent the last couple years as a motivational speaker presenting on stage for Nikon, WPPI, Fearless, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and others. My accolades include my Master’s accreditation from WPPI and over 60 international photography awards including 2 Nature’s Best Photographyawards and 26 Fearless awards. My work has been on exhibit in many different places which include the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Fearless, Rangefinder,, Outside Magazine, and even on a billboard in Times Square.

Photo Credits from this page include (and are in this order): Christy Frank, Erum Rizvi, Mantas Kubilinskas, Charleton Churchill, a random climber that picked up my camera and got my fav climbing shot of me, Danielle da Silva, Lee Moran Cormack, and Thu Tran.