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It’s funny I have done over 300 weddings and have always felt that you really know a person after shooting their big day. I was so wrong. Something beautiful happens when all the decorations go away, no need to impress guest, and a couple just has time to explore the world and the things they love. Couples completely raw in their element, no work, having life changing experiences. Mark Twain said ‘I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.’

Last month I shot my first honeymoon! It was the most amazing, life changing experience that I could imagine. I followed Marisa and Phil for 6 days around New Zealand. I saw the groom with so much joy that he giggled like a 4 year old girl (and this is a guy with muscles and tattoos), I also saw him get really sad over pancakes. These moments, were raw, and simply beautiful. I was the ultimate third wheel on Valentine’s day… literally being on someone else’s honeymoon, but wow, there was no where else in the world I would rather be. Marisa is a vet who loves animals, and we got to swim with thousands of acrobatic dusky dolphins, it was so beyond beautiful. I saw the bride with so much joy, that her smile literally looked like it wanted to jump off her face, while wild dolphin jumped around her. Phil owes a climbing gym, and I got to not only hang with my Nikon D4s, but I literally got to hang and get some climbing in! That camera not only went cliff side, it camped with us, and went underwater with us.

Marisa pulled a camera out the last hour I was with them (which I thought was strange since I hadn’t seen it until then), she turned to me and said… “I have to get a photo of you”. That made me so happy. Not only did they get to really enjoy these moments without worrying about capturing them, but I had become part of the story. I just love these two, and am so happy that they feel like they are now friends for life. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and for being so freakin awesome! I love you guys and hope you love the pictures as much as I loved taking them!




















Every year Junebug Weddings runs a Best of Best wedding photography competition. Junebug was founded by photographers and their blog honors great photography. The competition is international with between 7000-9000 entries each year from around 40 countries. From that they select only the top 50 images for the Best of the Best Wedding photography gallery and the top 50 for the Best of the Best Engagement Photography gallery. This competition is highly competitive and a real sign of achievement for any photographer. For the last 3 years, I have won an award each year! I am very proud of this accomplishment, and would love to share the award winning images!




Last month not only was I honored with my 20th and 21st Fearless award, but I was asked to speak at the Fearless conference in November in Arizona. I am so beyond honored! I remember when I was first introduced to Fearless Photographers, I was beyond inspired by the winning images. There were so many original ideas and photographers that were pushing limits. I was hooked. I worked hard on improving my craft, standing out, and shooting more original images. With lots of hard work, and tons of shooting, I am very proud that for the last 3 years I have been the leading Fearless Photographer out of the DC area with 21 lifetime awards.



I am just so grateful to Huy and the whole Fearless community! Fearless has not only helped me grow, but it is pushing photographers all over the world, to be original, to have fun, and to be artists. It truly is elevating wedding photography!

I can not wait for November! Photographers, please come and join us in Arizona, for some fun times, learning, and hanging out with some crazy talented photographers like Sergio. It will be amazing! Click here for more information.


A few of my favorite Fearless Awards…



Sunny & Devica
Guastavino, New York

Sunny and Devica’s wedding was in one word Epic. I met Sunny years ago, when I photographed one of his NFL player’s wedding, Eugene Monroe, in St Thomas. I have so much respect for this man. Not only is he is successful NFL agent that can get anything done, but he also always does so with a smile on his face. In a room of players that are 300 pounds or so, Sunny stands out and lights up the room.

The wedding day was when I finally got to know Devica. Not only is she stunning, but she also always has a little bit of a smile, sometimes even a very large smile. Devica is one of those people who when you are around, you feel happy. It was amazing going through her wedding day with her.

This wedding was one of the most unique weddings I have ever seen. Sunny’s entrance was one I will never forget. They closed a road in the middle of New York, these large and muscular NFL players danced in custom made Indian clothing (size 16 Indian shoes and all), and in the middle was Sunny on a beautifully decorated horse. Devica danced down the aisle surrounded by friends and family. I got to see an epic garter toss catch (the non NFL guys had no chance). There was drinking, dancing, and tons of food. It was a day I feel so honored and privileged to be a part of!

A huge thank you to Catrina Maxwell, who came all the way up from Atlanta to help me shoot this amazing wedding! Also a big thanks to Jon Armstrong for the last minute hook up and modeling for me the day before the wedding 🙂



























Hannah and Rajesh
Guntur India

This wedding was well beyond anything I could have imagined. I love getting off the beaten track, so I was very happy after the almost 30 hours of flying, noticing that all foreigners seemed to get off the plane at earlier stops. We landed at the Vijayawada, India as the only foreigners on our flight. Then we noticed that no one spoke English and people were kind of looking at us, this made me smile.

I had met Hannah, the bride, once before. I loved getting to know her over the next four days of wedding festivities. Hannah has served in the Peace Corpe, traveled the world and was now about to get married during her first trip to India. She is just so wonderful to be around, she has this warming smile and can light up a room. Amongst all the activities she had all this calm and happiness, and let me tell you, Indian weddings can get crazy, the bride can’t eat much, lots of fasting and on top of that so many people were poking, touching, smearing herbs across her face, throwing stuff like rice, even bathing Hannah and in the middle of it all was a soft but strong smile. The idea of marring Rajesh just filled her with happiness. I am not a big fan of being touched by other people, I really like my personal space, and when I am hungry I can be… well… so I couldn’t of imagined being in her shoes.

I couldn’t understand a word of the wedding festivities, but for a photographer I always think this is an advantage, it causes you to not listen and just watch. Rajesh’s family was just so warm and welcoming, everyone always seemed to make sure we were happy and taken care of. We were welcomed into homes, given gifts, and feed… a lot. I got close to some amazing people that I am happy will be part of my life, and I am beyond grateful that I was there.

Another huge thank you to Lisa Robinson my good friend from SoftBox Media who came all the way out there to help me photograph and to have a crazy adventure with camels, elephants, healers, Carlos, and so on! Thank you so much for your friendship and awesome photography!!! Also a big thank you to Naveen, photography fixer extraodinar, for helping us get settled, housing us, and taking us out to shoot during our first trip to India! I can’t wait to share the photos from our adventure with Naveen and the rest of the trip! Thank you so much!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images, a few highlights from the four days of wedding festivities 🙂

Alison & Parker
Congressional Country Club & Georgetown University Chapel

I am really not the type to be jealous…well maybe of other photographers.. but not of people. Every time I am around Alison I hear the same thing going throughout my head… I wish I could be more like her. Not a thought I am used to having, I am pretty happy, I am actually really happy. Usually brides contact me and we go get coffee and talk all about their big day, not Alison, I get an email asking if I want to meet her for a hike with our dogs. Umm… yes please! We hiked, my dog became a little obsessed with Loki (Alison’s beautiful furbaby) and we hang out at Great Falls. It was an amazing day, the best first meeting ever! I remember thinking, I have to book this bride. When all was signed, I may have done a little happy dance.

Alison, her family and new husband all have such genuine emotions. They love, they care, and never say anything negative about anyone. Alison is so quick to laugh and everything seems to make her smile, and her emotions are quite contagious. So full of life, love and happiness. Hanging out with her inspires me to be a better person (wow, that kind of felt like an “As Good as it Gets Moment” for anyone who has seen that movie).

The wedding was very beautiful and very emotional. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites.

Mia and James Castrission
Rayavadee Resort

I met James almost a decade ago, we used to rock-climb together when I lived in Sydney. I hadn’t seen him in seven years, but definitely kept up with his adventures. Not only is James an inspiration to me, he is an Adventurer, Author, public speaker, outdoor enthusiast, and with his buddy raised 10s of thousands for children’s cancer centers. With his best friend Justin, he was the world’s first to Kayak from Australia to New Zealand and recently was the world’s first to walk from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back. A feat he completed only a few weeks before his wedding day. When he sent me a facebook message asking to shoot his wedding, I may have done a happy dance, or two! If you have a chance, please watch these movies, they make me cry,

I had never met Mia until Thailand, and immediate was drawn in by her warmth, friendliness, laid back personality and huge contagious laugh. Getting to know her a bit I realized just how inspirational she is herself, let me just say, I was very impressed. She planned her wedding while her fiance was close to dying in Antarctica, and instead of trying to stop him, she encourages him to follow his dreams. She has a way of making everyone feel special and making everyone around her happy. I could not be happier for my friend to have found such an amazing women.

The wedding was just amazing. I was worried, you see, photographically it is easy to make a mediocre wedding look spectacular, but it is a challenge making a jaw dropping wedding show the awe that was present. This wedding was the most spectacular wedding I have seen. The day started with groom doing a mulitpitched climb on his wedding morning, while the women got to sleep in a bit. Mia surprised all the groomsmen with custom underwear that read the role each of the guys had in the wedding, and these guys are not shy. I am used to girls not being shy around me, but wow, they had no problems changing underwear right in front of me (as you can see the groom changing his undies behind his best man a few images down – don’t hate me James). During the reception (and on other occasions) the guys were pantless, showing off their underwear. There were fire-twirlers, late night runs for the ocean, a wooden boat I got to ride on with the newly married couple, amazing Thai food, and a reception under a huge sky of stars. Crazy amazing!

I have many people I want to thank here, first and foremost, a huge thank you to Thu Tran, for coming all the way to Thailand to shoot this wedding with me, and coming to Borneo and letting me drag you all around Australia after the wedding. This was the trip of a lifetime and I love that we got to share it. You are one of the most amazing people I have met in my lifetime and your photography rocks, thank you a million times! My husband for letting me travel for 6 weeks. Amy and Holly for joining the adventure 🙂 Jame’s family for making us feel like part of the group, and for inviting us to their home for Sunday dinner, what a great night. Sarah and Ben for putting us up and being so amazing. The way you two welcomed me back to Australia meant the world to me, and also made my cry while sitting alone at the airport trying to leave Sydney. I miss you guys. Zander for lending us his car, taking us climbing in the mountains, and for just being tons of fun to hang out with. And last but not least, a big thank you to Justin Jones for letting us in your home. Thank you for housing and letting us hang out, we had a ton of fun with you. I feel very blessed to have each of you as part of my life, thank you.

Feel free to follow James and Justin’s adventures on or on their facebook page,

  1. Lisa Boggs said:
    awesome, kristi! loving all of the boat and water shots, those are stunning! great job!
    April 3, 2012  6:53 am
  2. Amber Wilkie said:
    Kristi, these are insane!! What a crazy awesome wedding.
    April 3, 2012  6:57 am
  3. Debi said:
    Awesome Kristi! I love so many of them!!!
    April 3, 2012  7:25 am
  4. Mario Brathwaite said:
    Holy crap! These are wonderful images, Kristi.
    April 3, 2012  7:29 am
  5. admin said:
    Thank you guys!
    April 3, 2012  7:33 am
  6. Mike Kelly said:
    The groomsman on the left in his undies had the right word for it. EPIC!
    April 3, 2012  7:33 am
  7. I LOVE this wedding!! SO amazing! Such an awesome job, Kristi!
    April 3, 2012  7:34 am
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    Aaahhh!! LOVE. The boat photos are very special :)
    April 3, 2012  7:55 am
  10. rebekah j. said:
    i am DYING these are so good!! so proud of you man. SO proud!
    April 3, 2012  10:18 am
  11. KFinn said:
    Yes! Love the male undies!! Great shoot Kristi!
    April 3, 2012  10:53 am
  12. LeeAnn said:
    Kristi, I know how excited you where when James asked you to shoot his wedding and I can see why!!! The pictures are incredible and what a beautiful couple!!! I absolutely love the white veil surrounding them as they kiss!!! You do have amazing friends Kristi!
    April 3, 2012  4:00 pm
  13. Meredith said:
    Hi Kristi, Great photos. You have captured their intensity and the fun of their day too. I was at the wedding and this is the first time I got a look at Mia's shoes.
    April 3, 2012  6:31 pm
  14. Paul said:
    Woah! Great photos and what an amazing backdrop for a wedding. Hopefully our paths will cross one day, so glad Kristi had the opportunity to take part in your big day. Congrats Mia and James. Cheers!
    April 3, 2012  8:00 pm
  15. Zander said:
    Amazing photos of an amazing trip! I was so lucky to be a part of it and to meet you and your friends Kristi!
    April 3, 2012  8:49 pm
  16. Thu said:
    AAWE! LOVE!!! These people, these photographs, and this location-- they are all so amazing!!! Thank you Kristi for planning such an amazing trip and allowing me to witness and be a part of one of the most amazing weddings of my life! I feel so lucky to have experienced some of the most spectacular adventures, and meet some of the most incredible people I've ever encountered. There is too much love to go around and no words can ever express the deep gratitude I feel! What a pleasant break away from doing taxes. I want to stay in never land forever!
    April 4, 2012  2:57 am
  17. Lisa Robinson said:
    Love them, Kristi! I don't think you need to worry about making this amazing wedding look as awesome as it was. You crushed it. :-)
    April 4, 2012  11:58 am
  18. Wow... adventurous people. Great coverage and fantastic wedding at this beautiful place. You where a very lucky photographer. Congrats.
    April 5, 2012  8:21 am
  19. Candice said:
    Hi, great adventure and amazing photos. Can possibly get the photographers contact details, I may be intrested in hiring him for my wedding funny enough exactly one year ahead of the date of this blog. Destination Thailand.
    Thanks heaps.
    November 28, 2012  3:08 am

Anne Marie & Drew
Morais Vineyard

I went back and forth on a meeting location to chat to Anne Marie and Drew about their big day. I kind of threw out there, you guys feel like meeting at my favorite Malaysian restaurant? Not only did they say yes pretty fast, but they seemed excited about it. Even though it was only my second time meeting up with them, we went crazy with our orders and soon our table was filled with food all ready to eat family style. Drew eye’s were wide with excitement, he kept saying, “I love trying something new”. At the end of the meal, even though I had trouble standing up, I knew at that moment, that I really liked this couple. We had so much fun just chatting about travel, food and such, that I don’t think we talked about the wedding that much at all. I admire their happiness and since of adventure. I felt like an old friend as I laughed and sipped on my crazy hot jasmine tea. It was such a fun meeting, and I knew I couldn’t wait to see them again, at their wedding!

Their wedding was such an awesome day! My favorite venue, great couple, throw in a sweet dog, a horse, and nice weather… it was perfect! The wedding made me feel so fortunate to do what I do. I am so happy I got to know this amazing couple, and hope one day that we can try another new and unique restaurant, family style of course!