I was so excited to get a call to do a proposal shoot here in DC. I love proposals! Crazy nerves followed by pure emotion!

Joey wanted to propose the day before Valentines day, not to throw her off…but because Friday the 13th is a special date for them. He flies for the coast guard and they love watching the planes take off at Gravelly Point together. With all their memories there, he wanted to propose on a Friday the 13th at that spot!

I had never met Joey and Emily, so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t know who I was looking for, but we had a plan… and I had a picture. Me and Mike (my photo friend and my 2nd photographer extraordinaire) would be at the picnic tables at Gravelly Point park, they would walk up, and he would propose sometime from 4:50-5:10. We were standing there and this couple in large winter jackets come up, stood right next to us, he takes her hand, I signal for Mike to go to a spot to get her facial expression, I kind of walk behind them… I got all excited. We both are acting like we are shooting the planes… but taking a couple of photos of them as well… We hear them say “let’s look at the planes from the car” and they walk off, looking kind of creeped out. I was confused, but figured he got scared…right then I get a text saying, we are 5 minutes away… we totally had surrounded and photographed the wrong couple!

I then see another couple walk towards the tables, this was them, I was sure of it! Her bright pick jacket could not be missed! Mike and I hung around and walked around, taking photos of the planes, then after a few minutes of chatting, Joey dropped to one knee and we both turned and started clicking away! There was so much joy in Emily’s face, it was such a great moment! She said yes and couldn’t stop smiling, and jumping into Joey’s arms. A huge congrats to Emily and Joey!!