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My Adventure Always into video:

from Kristi Odom on Vimeo.

I just got back 11 hours ago from the Adventure Always conference and just can’t stop smiling. Eight months ago I was standing in a very slow food line at a different photography conference and standing right in front of me was Jesh de Rox. I have always admired Jesh ever since I saw him speak at Mystic Seminars in 2011. He brought something completely new into photography. Jesh is really driven by the connections between people and found a way to capture and explore those connections. It is totally crazy what he does. A mutual friend that was in line with me introduced Jesh and I and we started talking. Jesh started asking questions about me and my work. I happened to have an ipad with me and showed him some of my work. Within minutes, someone I admired, had asked me to speak at his upcoming conference. I was floored and secretly jumping up and down inside, while I stayed composed and said yes. It kind of made my day… who am I kidding, it kind of made my year!

So here I was a little over 8 months later, on a boat with a presentation in hand (and backed up on 2 computers, on a server and a flash drive…just in case) quiet naucious but really excited. I have done speaking before, but more about traveling and encouraging people to get out there and see the world. A few small local meetings on my nature work… but that was it. It is a much different game speaking on your main passion in life to your peers and people you highly admire. I had a talk all written out a week before with so many good points and tangibles for the audience to take home, lots of practical into. I called a good friend Julie Massie and asked her opinion. She told me that people go to this conference to feel and to experience. She told me whatever I do, to speak with the heart. I changed my whole talk and put a few images up from what I love more then anything, interacting with wildlife.

I am just totally overwhelmed by the people, I have never been in a room of such positive and supportive group before. I will admit my first meeting with the group was a little scary “I am going to have to get over my not hugging thing” was my first thought. I am the type of person that likes a buffer seat at a movie theater and kind of avoids hugging at all cost. Once I kind of let go of that side of my personality, I really grew to love so many strangers. When I got off stage, those hugs and comments, meant the world to me. People told me how they felt about my work, they really listened and challenged themselves to feel. It was one of those moments I will never forget, all from an opportunity at a slow cafe and randomly being behind Jesh in line.

So leaving the ship yesterday, I just couldn’t stop smiling. Mostly because I was touched by the amazing people speaking and attending. Thank you to all who attended Adventure Always for the joy you made me feel. I am grateful beyond belief for my new friends and for the happiness that was shared.