Monthly archives: July 2013

Anne Marie & Drew
Morais Vineyard

I went back and forth on a meeting location to chat to Anne Marie and Drew about their big day. I kind of threw out there, you guys feel like meeting at my favorite Malaysian restaurant? Not only did they say yes pretty fast, but they seemed excited about it. Even though it was only my second time meeting up with them, we went crazy with our orders and soon our table was filled with food all ready to eat family style. Drew eye’s were wide with excitement, he kept saying, “I love trying something new”. At the end of the meal, even though I had trouble standing up, I knew at that moment, that I really liked this couple. We had so much fun just chatting about travel, food and such, that I don’t think we talked about the wedding that much at all. I admire their happiness and since of adventure. I felt like an old friend as I laughed and sipped on my crazy hot jasmine tea. It was such a fun meeting, and I knew I couldn’t wait to see them again, at their wedding!

Their wedding was such an awesome day! My favorite venue, great couple, throw in a sweet dog, a horse, and nice weather… it was perfect! The wedding made me feel so fortunate to do what I do. I am so happy I got to know this amazing couple, and hope one day that we can try another new and unique restaurant, family style of course!

Erin & Zach
St Michaels, Maryland
Event planned by the lovely Christie McGuire of Events in the City

I may have rambled to Erin for 45 minutes on the phone yesterday. When I picked up the phone, I was so tired, she even asked if she woke me up, and I will admit that she may have at 5:14pm (I had a Sunday wedding that had me home just past midnight, and if anyone has seen me the day after a wedding… let’s just say I have no energy or personality). When I hung up the phone, I was wide away with a huge smile on my face. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy talking with her, it is almost like drinking an espresso. She makes me feel happy and energized by making me laugh, smile and just feel good about things. Every time I met up with Erin and Zach before the wedding (and at the wedding), I knew I was in for great conversation, and a few crazy stories. They are both such great people and absolutely perfect together. The wedding was beyond beautiful! It was full of laughs, overly-energetic children, and amazing views. We got to see the sunset over the water during the reception (something us east-coasters aren’t used to). It felt like a good old family back yard get together, but with the elegance of a wedding. Great combo in my opinion (and great job from Christie with Events in the City)!!!

Before I do a big trip, I have a tradition. I listen to Send Me on my Way by Rusted Root. I was so excited when the DJ started playing that song for the final song of the night. It was perfect, they are starting a wonderful new journey together and I wish them all the best! I know they are in for a fantastic adventure (and many many more stories), they have to be since they have the best anniversary date out there (the same as me and my hubby). You guys are great, and I can’t wait to hear what you two get up to!