Saying I am excited is an understatement! A week from tomorrow one of my images will be up at the Natural History Museum!! I still can’t believe it!! I got back from my brother’s wedding on Sunday and found that I was on the front of my local paper!! A huge thanks to the awesome Lisa Robinson for taking the cover photo, I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better friend and travel partner! You are the best!

Wow, sorry for the exclamation marks, I am just beyond excited (and just finished my second cup of coffee). If you live in Fairfax make sure you pick up a copy either today or tomorrow, to read the story click here for the Fairfax Time’s Article. They did a great job with the story, it kind of made my day! If you live in DC make sure and drop in to the Natural History Museum (starting June 7th) and look for my image on the first floor along with a giant elephant-I kind of love elephants.