I have been bad at blogging, like really bad. Last year I had time to blog 2 or 3 out of the 30 or so weddings I shot. 2012 was a great year, and I can’t believe I have not shared images! So many amazing moment, amazing couples, love and all that jazz and I got to play with a few animals. Being an animal lover (and nature photographer) I do attract clients that also love animals. One of my favorite things ever is when my clients want to incorporate animals in either their wedding or engagement photos. So for my first recap of 2012, it is my favorite engagement shoots/weddings with animals! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not really the type of photographer to do a recap on my favorite decor shots of 2012. Not that I have anything against great detail shots (there is a major time-suck called pintrest that you can go for to see that), I would rather try and make you smile. Please let me know if you can think of anymore fun 2012 recaps for me to do. I have been trying to collect best bearded guest collection, but sadly 2012 didn’t have that many great beards at weddings for me.