Can I just say that I love living in the DC area! I have seen so many couples get married, well over 200 couples. I can truly say that the connection between TJ and Marcus is one of the strongest I have ever seen, these two were meant to be together. I found myself tearing up behind my camera as they exchanged some of the most beautiful emotional vows I have ever heard. TJ learned and said his vows in German for Marcus (a complete and total surprise), and Marcus being a musician, composed his vows perfectly. Here is what he said:

My love,
I promised you once that “I shall believe”.
And you have shown me:
Your smile,
Your patience,
Your goofieness,
Your intelligence,
Your crazieness,
Your happiness,
Your sadness,
Your strength and your weakness
Still, I can’t wait to explore more.
You have made me believe!
To touch what I once just saw
Right now I am feeling you
To dare what I once just dreamed
Right now you are waking me
To reveal my fears, you meet me half way
Right now you are healing me
To let you change me as I fight back
Right now you are teaching me
To compose our life as we get older
Right now we are growing
To fall in love with you over and over again
Right now I am marrying you
I love you!

After he read these there was not a dry eye in the room.

I want to thank my amazing second shooter that night, well let me correct myself she is not a second shooter but when my second was sick I called one of my closest friends who runs her own photography company, to step in. So a huge thanks to the talented Debi Parker. Your work is a huge inspiration and well it is tons of fun to photograph with you! One of my favorite shots below is hers (the forth one from the bottom).

What an amazing day! A huge thank you to TJ and Marcus for having me be there to capture their big day. Another thank you to R&R catering, for being awesome (and feeding us very well)!