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Allison and Brian’s wedding really had it all! Beautiful, down to earth and amazing couple, perfect weather, an all-star vendor team, a breathtaking bride, and ocean views. I met Allison not too long ago, when she helped me with my retirement funds. Soon after I became her client, she called saying that she had just been proposed to, and wanted to talk with me about her wedding. I was so excited, I love all the amazing people that my job let’s me get to know, and hanging out with Allison and Brian is definitely a great job perk. Their wedding was a photographer’s dream. Their amazing planner, Kelley Cannon of Kelley Cannon Events, had the day running so smooth that not only did we have all the time we needed for pictures, but honestly she helped make the day not feel like work at all. We had way too much fun to feel like we were working. I teared up watching the bride (and her father) cry during the ceremony, I danced with the bride’s family, I even got to have a piece of pie! It was amazing! The pictures came out so beautiful, this is one of my longest blogs ever! I love the rest too, and can’t wait to share them with Allison and Brian. You guys are truly amazing! What a great day 🙂

Yes I did take a bite out of the cookie for photographic purposes of course!

I think I know what face was made behind me to get the kids to smile!

  1. Paul said:
    Great work Kristi!
    July 18, 2011  5:07 pm
  2. Liz Miguel said:
    Beautiful shots as always! The photo of her walking down the aisle, almost crying, made me tear up a little :) I love the way you capture pure emotion in your photos.
    July 19, 2011  7:55 am
  3. Kristi, these images are amazing! You totally rocked it out as I knew you would. Love, love, love working with you!
    July 19, 2011  8:54 am

As a lot of you know, we have been playing lots with video this year. This is a big learning process, but we have been having tons of fun! I have a few new videos to share. Any comments or critique would be greatly appreciated, since we are learning! Thanks for watching!

This first video is from Katie and Andy’s wedding back in March. It is the first time we have played with using timelapse in a video (lots more of that to come). We also have just a very small bit of spy camera. I hope you enjoy!

from Kristi Odom on Vimeo.

The following video was done at an engagement session. Tina and Long shared their story to us, which I very grateful for! I can’t wait for the wedding!

from Kristi Odom on Vimeo.

  1. Sarah B said:
    Love these! :)
    September 16, 2011  3:44 pm
  2. Thu said:
    I LOVE how those turned out!! So playful and quirky!!
    September 30, 2011  5:00 am

I am so excited about Allison and Brian’s wedding next weekend! I can’t believe it is so soon. I just love this couple and can’t wait to see them get married. They are both so relaxed and happy with each other, it was great hanging out with them. We decided to use Christmas lights for the photo shoot for many reasons. The main being, Brian proposed by using Christmas lights, by spelling out “will you marry me” in their front lawn. Plus Allison just loves Christmas lights, so it was perfect.

I crossed the line with Allison, one that I promised to myself I would never cross. Not only is she a wedding client, but I am a client to her as well. Being a small business owner, sometimes things can be overlooked. I realized about a year ago that I needed to give myself perks, that is where Allison came in. She is an amazing financial planner, and her and her firm (Financial Advantage Associates, INC.) set me up with my 401K and life insurance. So not only am I confident in Brian and Allison’s future together, but I am more secure in my own future as a result in meeting her. Which makes me very happy 🙂

On a side note, if you run your own company, make sure you give yourself good perks, like an awesome retirement fund (I am sure Allison and her guys would be happy to help).

  1. Beautiful images as always! (And I love me some Christmas lights!)
    July 5, 2011  7:07 am
  2. Tracy said:
    Ooooh. LOVE the xmas light photos. Amaaaazing!!
    July 6, 2011  6:08 am