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Maryn & Brad
August 27th, 2010
Tyler Arboretum
Philadelphia PA

I would have to say that I had more fun at this wedding then I should while at work. My checks wore sore from laughing and smiling so hard. See Maryn and I met 12 years ago, when we lived in the same hall Freshman year at Georgia Tech. We had the world’s coolest hall, full of 10 crazy smart and crazy fun girls. We all became really tight and would study, travel and party together. I was so happy that Maryn called me to be her wedding photographer. She is so happy and fun to be around. Plus the wedding was outside at a nature arboretum! A lot of our friends from Tech were there (people I hadn’t seen in around 9 years). So old friends, a beautiful outdoor setting and a bride and groom who are just as awesome as can be. For the first time ever in my career, after I was done with shooting the wedding, I actually went out with the wedding group, until 2am! Which anyone who knows me, knows that I am not really the going out to 2am type person. It was just so much fun!

To add to the fun, one of my closest friends and awesome photographer, Debi Parker, was my second. She runs her own wedding photography company in my area, and has been an inspiration to me since I met her. She relocated to the DC area around when I did, from Philadelphia! So not only did I get awesome pictures from her, but I got the real Philly experience by having a x-local show me around (and hang out with me until 2am). So much fun, I really didn’t want the night to end!

  1. Alli said:
    I LOVE THEM! Maryn and Brad and their love is perfection. Your photos are truly gorgeous. xo
    September 14, 2010  12:12 pm
  2. Maryn said:
    September 14, 2010  12:51 pm
  3. Renee said:
    These are gorgeous photos - you really captured their emotions and love for one another! Just lovely!
    September 14, 2010  12:57 pm
  4. Elizabeth said:
    Absolutely AMAZING Pictures, I can't wait to see more! A beautiful wedding and a perfect couple :)
    September 14, 2010  1:48 pm
  5. claudia, aka Maryn's mom said:
    Absolutely stunning !!!
    September 14, 2010  2:30 pm
  6. Aunt Debbie said:
    What a beautiful setting, what a beautiful couple, what beautiful pictures! You captured the emotion of the day perfectly!
    September 14, 2010  4:09 pm
  7. Tracy said:
    What beautiful light, Kristi, and that tunnel shot is A-MAY-ZING!!!
    September 14, 2010  8:08 pm
  8. admin said:
    Thank you guys! It was such an amazing wedding, I love the couple, I loved the venue and I had a blast!
    September 14, 2010  8:15 pm
  9. Paul Ruppel III said:
    Absolutely amazing photography Kristi. Thank You. These will be in the families for generations!
    September 14, 2010  9:55 pm

Kathryn & Joe
August 7th
King Plow Arts Center
Atlanta, GA

Large colorful pieces of artwork, mustaches on a stick, playful flowers, a beautiful bride, and some big characters, yep Kathryn and Joe’s wedding had it all! It was one of my favorites ever to photograph. First off, I just love Kathryn and Joe, and love any excuse to hang out with these two. They are so happy and chill, my type of people! When I got asked to photograph their wedding I was so happy, I could barely wait. The wedding didn’t disappoint. Not only did they get married under huge pieces of artwork, but they had props (I love props)! I just love King Plow, one of my new favorite places in Atlanta to shoot. Also a big shout out to Bold American for some wonderful food. Loved the people preparing hot food on the spot. I had an awesome team of shooters, so a big thank you to Thu and Taylor! Both of you had amazing pictures and are so much fun! One more thank you to Ashley Baker, planner extraordinaire for making our job easy.

  1. Kelsey said:
    What a unique and fun wedding! LOVE her dress! Great shots, Kristi! (I especially love that first sparkler exit image!)
    September 9, 2010  3:09 pm
  2. Thu said:
    September 9, 2010  7:13 pm
  3. Kathryn said:
    i love it too! thank you Kristi, Thu, and Taylor for all the fabulous pics, you captured all the perfect moments from our big day! i can't thank you enough!!!!
    September 13, 2010  6:46 pm
  4. I think the bridal party portraits are my favorites! I'm loving the candid, natural moments you caught of the girls and then the boys in front of that amazingly awesome wall. Also, you rock at dress photos girl! Always so simply, yet so unique and creative. BEAUTIFUL!
    September 14, 2010  5:59 am