Monthly archives: August 2010

Amy & Dirk
Stone Manor Country Club
Middletown Maryland

I love Amy and Dirk. They are both so full of life and so much fun! They filled the wedding day with so much personality. Dirk’s and the groomsmen wore bright pink, there was a table of Polaroids for the seating charts, giant blue and pink balls hanging from trees, oh ya and Ritas (my new favorite icy treat) to name a few of the awesome details.

I think my favorite moment was when we went to a field right after the ceremony. Perfect light, and we all just played with the pictures. Amy ended up falling over in the field, conveniently for me, in the perfect spot. While I was taking pictures Amy pointed out the grasshopper just watching everything while sitting on her dress.

Saying I had fun is a bit of an understatement! I smile whenever I think back about Amy and Dirk’s wedding. A big thank you to Astrid for being my star second shooter! You are awesome.

Amy and Dirk from Kristi Odom on Vimeo.

  1. Kristen said:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the visuals AND the pink grooms shirts! awesome.
    August 17, 2010  5:25 pm
  2. Kristi said:
    Thank you guys! It was such a crazy fun wedding!
    August 18, 2010  4:47 am
  3. Tracy said:
    Beautiful!!! That video made me tear up!
    August 30, 2010  11:03 am

Mili & Ryan
St Leo the Great Catholic Church
Regency at Dominion Valley

I had so much fun at Mili and Ryan’s wedding! It was a perfect day! Not only was everyone crazy nice (and tons of fun), but Mili and Ryan are crazy in love. I love how expressive Ryan’s eyes are, he had my favorite moment of the whole wedding. Right when Mili’s dad raised her veil and he saw her clearly for the first time, his eyes looked like they were ready to pop out of his head with excitment. I call it a “wowzers” moment (have a look below)!

This wedding was a photographers dream. We got to play with the couple’s big playful personalities for the pictures, we had tons of photo time in beautiful light on the huge Regency at Dominion Valley golf course, oh ya we also had mustaches. I just love the picture of the bridesmaids and the father of the groom all mustached up (it is my husband’s favorite picture I have ever taken). A big thank you to Jennifer at Dominion Valley, you rock and we loved shooting at your breathtaking venue.

Another big thank you to the talented Debi with Debi Parker Photography for helping me! You truly amazing me with your awesomeness!

  1. Mili said:
    I love them all Kristi! I'm so glad you caught the "wowzers" moment!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
    August 10, 2010  9:56 am
  2. Allison said:
    Mustaches!! I love it! What a cute idea. :)
    August 10, 2010  10:16 am
  3. admin said:
    I am so happy you like them! Such a great wedding!!!
    August 10, 2010  12:00 pm
  4. Chris said:
    Beautiful job Kristi! Love the angles, expressions, and light! Keep it up!
    August 10, 2010  4:00 pm
  5. Deb said:
    Amazing, awesome photos. The photo with the mustaches and Ryan's Dad is the best. I also love the one with the blue sky and bride and groom jumping. Quite artistic.
    August 16, 2010  8:00 am
  6. Mari said:
    Love the picture of 007 (Ryan) with his hot pink umbrella surrounded by the bridesmaids. Great job, Kristi!
    August 16, 2010  7:46 pm
  7. Jennifer said:
    April 28, 2011  9:26 am