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Sharon & Bowie
Wednesday me and some of my favorite photographers went to Lynn Vale studios to take some pictures of the beautiful (and totally in Love) Sharon and Bowie. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

A big thank you to LynnVale for letting us run around your flower farm (if you are looking for a wedding florist, definitely check them out), and a big thank you to Sharon and Bowie for being awesome! It was such an amazing day!











  1. Tracy said:
    Beautiful pictures and some seriously hot models!! What a great day :)
    April 30, 2010  8:38 am
  2. astrid said:
    the shot you did in the shed ROCKS!!! love these!
    April 30, 2010  8:39 am
  3. Debi said:
    Love it!!!
    April 30, 2010  9:24 am
  4. kim said:
    hot! it's going to be soooo interesting to see how everyone's different take was. this is already so different that what I "saw" and it's fascinating! love love love these shots!
    April 30, 2010  11:29 am
  5. Thu said:
    beautiful job kristi as always!! i can't get over how much i love that last one!!!!!!
    May 5, 2010  7:48 pm


Happy Earth week (Earth day is this Thursday), in celebration, I want to share an amazing wedding and an amazing publication! Last month one of my weddings was featured in Eco-Beautiful Wedding Magazine! I am so honored to have images in such an inspiring publication. Eco-Beautiful Weddings is the first on-line wedding magazine dedicated to green weddings. Weddings can have such a huge impact on the environment. What I love most about Eco-Beautiful Wedding Magazine is that not only does encourage less environmental impact, but it shows you how your wedding can be fabulous, unique and beautiful while environmentally friendly. I love all the spotlights on local artists (go etsy), the pictures of real eco-friendly weddings from all over the world, as well as tips from green vendors. If you haven’t seen it already, please have a look at the magazine here, Oh and the tech geek in me loves how if you see something you like, you can just click to get to that site! Thank you Eco-Beautiful for your wonderful publication, and thank you Gabby and Ben for having such a fabulous and environmentally friendly wedding!

EBW RW Gabrielle&Ben-11

EBW RW Gabrielle&Ben-2

EBW RW Gabrielle&Ben-3


Amy and Dirk make me love my job! When I would talk about pictures they would always use the work fun. They aren’t the type of couple that just talks about fun, everything about Amy and Dirk is fun. Even running around taking pictures we had a great time. I almost didn’t want the session to end. I put my favorites below and am in love with a couple of them. For the cat shot, I laid on the floor upside down and used my legs to dangle a ribbon in front of the camera. The cat was pawing at the ribbon, but to me when I see the shot it makes me think that the cat is thinking “don’t photograph my people you crazy lady”! My other fav is the bubble shot. I happen to have bubble blowers (in my car) while we passed some graffiti with a person blowing bubbles in a heart. The colors, the fun, the bubbles, the heart, the “we” printed on the side in the graffiti really remind me of Amy and Dirk’s personality. I do think that they look like they are almost part of the painting. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them (which may just be impossible).











  1. Courtney Middleton said:
    April 13, 2010  12:24 pm
  2. Tracy said:
    Wow, I LOVE so many of these! These shoot was outstanding!
    April 13, 2010  12:36 pm
  3. niiiiice!!! oh man! first shot.. SUPER AWESOME!! Love the bubble idea! ring shot is beyond comprehension of the word beautiful! loved that you used the kitties!! hearts, heart, hearts!
    April 13, 2010  12:54 pm
  4. Dirk said:
    Awesome shots! Scruffy is adorable (as always). Amy really knows how to show ppl up in her famous jumping pic's. Great job Kristi!
    April 13, 2010  1:27 pm
  5. admin said:
    Thank you guys! I really LOVE these pictures! So happy with this shoot and can't wait until Amy and Dirk's wedding!
    April 13, 2010  1:42 pm
  6. Meghan said:
    These are awesome! Nice job :)
    April 13, 2010  5:50 pm
  7. Thu said:
    i love this!!!!!!!!! this is the coolest engagement session!!!
    July 16, 2010  12:27 pm

I can’t believe these two are about to have their second baby (they may even be in the hospital right now). It doesn’t seem like too long ago when I was with them in Ethiopia for their wedding , and now… they are having their second child! I could stop photographing their first child during this session, the beautiful Adonia who is about to turn 2. When I was about to leave, I turned around to see little 1 year old Adonia put on her mom’s designer heals and run around the room. With purse in hand she headed to the front door and was waving goodbye. This diaper wearing child looked more comfortable in heals then I do. I was on the floor in no time shooting and laughing. Thank you guys for the amazing Ethiopian breakfast, I can’t wait to meet your son!


The picture below makes me laugh, I love how similar Adonia and her father look. They are both holding their babies the same way.



  1. LeeAnn said:
    What a beautiful family!!! I remember how memorable the wedding was for Kristi and how excited she was to photograph you as a family.....Congratulations!!!!
    From her proud Mom
    April 6, 2010  7:21 pm
  2. ooooooh! I LOVE the two where she is playing dress up.. the last one is just beautiful!! good stuff lady! :)
    April 7, 2010  6:24 am