Monthly archives: December 2008

Ellen & Jeff
Morningside Presbyterian Church
Lambert Place

What a way to finish off the year! Ellen and Jeff are just such a fun couple. I knew it would be a great wedding just from our first meeting at Taqueria del Sol. We sat back over tacos and talked about the big day. Every single time I met with these guys they just laughed and smiled the whole time. Both Ellen and Jeff are the sort of people that you are just happy whenever in their presence. I had such a great time at the wedding!

When the wedding finally came, it went off just flawlessly. Ellen and Jeff decided to meet up before the wedding for their pictures and I am so happy they did! The colors were perfect with a little bit of light shinning through the yellow and green trees. Ellen made a stunning bride. Her blue eyes seemed to glow brighter then the trees behind. Thank you guys, I had a blast!

I was very honored to be called by the High Museum to cover events surrounding their exhibition with the Chinese Terracotta Soldiers. I was escorted into the exhibition privately before it was opened to the public. It had me in total awe.

I was asked to photograph President Carter walking through the exhibition. I have never meet a former president before, and it was very strange to give him direction for the photographs. I felt very special being there for his private showing of the exhibition.

The High put on a show for this exhibition. There were dancers, costumed soldiers, the Chinese Ambassador to the US, Chinese delegates, and lots and lots of excited museum goers. I want to give a big thanks to the High for having me be part of such an event. I will remember it forever!

The following image was taken by Vino Wong from the AJC. It is of me photographing President Jimmy Carter. Thank you Vino!

  1. Alternative Life Photography and Design said:
    Just taking a look at you blog. How amazing to get to photograph this and the former president!
    December 16, 2008  8:59 am