Monthly archives: October 2008

Jenna & Ramsey
Canoe Restaurant Atlanta
September 27th 2008

I met Jenna over 14 years ago in high school, I have a lot of fun memories with her even though I hadn’t seen her in over 10 years. I was so excited when she called to ask if I would do her wedding. It was great to reconnect with such a great person and an old friend. I hope this time we don’t loose touch again.

When I think back on Jenna and Ramsey’s wedding I just smile. Jenna was absolutely radiant. It was kind of funny because she actually glew more when she was around Ramsey. There were a couple of moments where amongst the music and guests I noticed that Jenna would just look at Ramsey like there was no one else in the world with a massive smile. It was beautiful.

I hope you enjoy!

April & Mark
Serenbe Farmhouse
September 20, 2008

April and Mark had a wedding for the books. It was just amazing. When going through the images today, it just made me smile. I just love this couple. April and Mark are just so laid back, happy, and yet so lively and fun. Serenbe perfectly fit their personality, peaceful, laid back, and beautiful. These two are just perfect for one another and their smiles grew everytime they were around each other.

With the help of Kiersten Pierce (their wonderful planner from Gooseberry Creative Evnets) the wedding went off without a hitch. She had arranged for us to have golf carts to ride around the property which was fun, until I made the mistake of letting the groomsmen drive me around. Thu and I had so much fun that the day seemed to fly by. I loved being part of their big day.