Monthly archives: July 2008

Shannon & Jesse
July 5th 2008
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
103 West

We had so much fun at Shannon and Jesse’s wedding! Shannon has a smile that can fill a room and Jesse had a laugh that can not just fill a room, but fill the building. With the help of Matrimony INC (one of my favorite planning companies in the industry) they had one perfect wedding.

My assistant Thu I think put it best when she said “this wedding felt to me like it was right out of a movie”. I definitely agree, it had that perfect movie feel about it, especially during the last two songs. For the first of the two all the guest came together and formed a circle around the couple. They sang and toasted as Jesse and Shannon twirled around inside and couldn’t keep their eyes off each other as Shannon smiled and Jesse laughed. For the last song everyone came together and had their hands up in the air. It was hard to get through the crowd to get a picture of Jesse and Shannon who were in the middle of it all in a strong embrace kissing each other like they were the only ones in the room. Then almost like the movie ended, they were off in a Bentley. For Shannon and Jesse I am sure this was only the beginning of all the smiles and laughs they are going to have together.

Sloan & Nick
June 13th 2008
Primrose Cottage

Sloan and Nick had a fairytale wedding. The ceremony was outside in the middle of lots of greenery, without one empty seat. Sloan and Nick have been together for over a decade and everyone was very happy to be there to see them finally get married.

Sloan looked just like Cinderella with her hair done up and her beautiful dress. One of my favorite things about the wedding was all the kids. They truly just love Sloan and she is great with them. The five flower girls and one ring bearer looked up to her like she was a princess.

The grooms cake was pretty amazing, it resembled a plane (Nick is a pilot).

Like all good fairytales the night ended at midnight. It was a breathtaking wedding from start to finish between a truly amazing couple.

Meghan & Ryan
Peachtree Club
June 27th 2008

Meghan and Ryan’s wedding was filled with their personalities from the grooms cake made to resemble an Atari controller to all the costumes. One of my favorite moments was right after they where married, I followed them into the after ceremony holding room. They both broke out into a victory dance which rivals any touchdown dance I have ever seen. It was a great moment.

Some more favorite moments included family members breaking into YMCA with funny hats, the “kill Bill” game, one of the most violent bouquet tosses ever, and all the sweat peas. Not only did Meghan and Ryan introduce me to one of the best wonton restaurants in Atlanta, but they had me be part of a very memorable wedding. Thank you guys, I had a blast!

Kate & Mark
May 17th
St Elizabeth Ann Seton Roman Catholic Church
Three Bridges, New Jersey

Kate and Mark’s wedding was planned out to the minute (see the picture below where the itemized, color coordinated, grafted according to person itinerary was ripped up and thrown in the air above the bride). All the planning paid off and the wedding went perfectly. Memorable moments include the father of the bride greeting the guests with an acoustic version of “Puff the Magic Dragon”, as well as the dancing. I was very impressed.

I have seen lots of people dance from all sorts of different cultures from the Masai jump to the South American Salsa, but I will have to say my favorite people to see on the dance floor happens to be the American engineer. It is kind of a cross between the robot and a crazy bounce that almost goes with the music. The American Engineer is the only dancer that I have seen who can actually dance out of sync. Kate and Mark’s dance floor was full of all sorts of American Engineer moves. It was great!

On another note, I just love these guys. I met Kate over a year ago and she is a very impressive and inspiring women. Even looking at her myspace page you can see pictures of her in zero gravity with NASA as well as an article written on her about her neuroengineering research on using neuro-implants to enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again. I am convinced that this woman can do anything, and I am very proud to have her as a friend. Engineers may have one of the most uncoordinated dances in the world, but hey, not only do they help make the earth go round, but they can tell you that it is not actually round but it’s shape is geoid.

I am going to have to make a side note here on how funny I think the image below is. During the ceremony Kate has that “how sweet” smile, and Mark has a priceless smirk. I will say these two have very expressive faces and I laughed hard when going though some of the images.