Monthly archives: November 2007

The was my first beach wedding, and it couldn’t have been prettier! It was such a pleasure to be able to photograph such a wonderful couple for their wedding in St. Simons. I couldn’t be happier with the images or the memories!

Everyone was so happy, especially Katie and Hoke. They truly seem at ease in each other’s arms. I absolutely loved the Trolley ride and the triplet flower girls! We ended up at the beach at just the right time. The sunset couldn’t be more perfect. It was almost like the sky arranged itself at that time just for Katie and Hoke giving them a beautiful first moment as husband and wife. It was great being able to capture
that moment!

  1. thu said:
    kristi---- those are some of the most amazing photos!!! nice work!!!!!!!
    January 3, 2008  11:52 pm

We’ve got a screamer!!

Melanie and Todd’s wedding was so much fun! First of all the bride was a screamer! She was so excited that every once in a while she would scream. Secondly, the father of the groom had the best Donald Duck voice ever. And last but not least, the
emotions between the couple during the first dance were so beautiful that it brought a tear to my eye.

Everyone there was so much fun, I was a bit sad when the night ended!

It has taken me a while to blog about my weddings from the last month. I have been busy!

I was very excited to put up my images from the wedding I just shot in Ethiopia! Below are some of the highlights. I have been to Africa before, but the cultural education I received from this trip to Ethiopia just blew me away. I am used to being a traveler, but this trip took me to a different level. Ruth’s family took me in, gave me a place to stay, cooked me dinner (on multiple occasions), took me out for lots of coffee and had their friends gives me tours of the city. Their wedding was a full day event, they even took time to feed the homeless. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful event!