Monthly archives: July 2007

One of my life goals has been accomplished! I photographed a sloth in the wild! He just kind of sat there and gave me lots of time to take this hundreds of the same shot. It was awesome!

  1. Derek said:
    Sloths are slow.
    August 3, 2007  3:30 pm
  2. LeeAnn said:
    Paul and I looked up pictures of sloths and this is by far the prettiest one that we saw! Did you comb his hair before the photo?

    August 6, 2007  3:44 pm
  3. Kristi said:
    so are you derek!
    August 7, 2007  5:17 pm
Wedding at Berkeley Hills Country Club

I had a great Earth day this year. I assisted at a wedding for Ted and Mandi and the whole wedding party was just full of smiles… the whole time… A little country music brought out a scary Dixie side of this normal looking group, which thankfully only lasted 3 songs.

I insisted on taking pictures outside, how could you not on earth day (also known as the luckiest day of the year to get married). We had a few drops of rain (also considered lucky on your wedding day) which seemed to make me more nervous then the bride. The groomsmen where running around with umbrellas just in case! The overcast gave me perfect light for my images, so I was very happy! I will take a few drops of rain over harsh July light any day!

Davis at 2
Friday morning started with a photo shoot at the park. This is my second shoot for Davis McMillan and he is still cute as can be! He had more energy in the time that I spent with him, then I have all day! It is a bit of a challenge getting a 2 year old attention long enough to get a picture, let alone a smiling at the camera picture. With all the running around I am very happy with the pictures, especially the ones of him on the swing. If you want to see the full gallery please go to